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With the reopening of the borders of Mauritius to international travel, there has been a large spike in the number of foreign investors seeking investment opportunities in Mauritius. After the passing of the bill in Mauritius as per the 2021 Mauritius Budget speech, the benefits and opportunities presented to expats looking to relocate to or invest in Mauritius has been extremely significant!
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The island has been recognized as one of the best destinations for travel. It has also recently been ranked as Africa’s most developed countries. Mauritius is a FinTech and Investment hub, and with the various schemes presented by the Mauritius government, the different investment options presented in Mauritius to foreign investors have increased. There are also more benefits presented which means that finding the best option for you financially, with the most suitable financial planning, is a priority.

Bolt Home Mauritius have partnered with VFS International to best position our clients before, and after, they make the decision to invest or relocate to Mauritius. In this article, we introduce Gail Kendall, Senior Financial Advisor from VFS International.

Who is VFS International and how can they assist with Mauritius investment?

VFS International Ltd (VFS) is an independent wealth management company established in 1995 to offer world-class financial advice and access to high-quality funds for international clients across Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as an ever-expanding footprint in the UK, Europe and India. Transparency, integrity and fairness have long been our driving principles. This is demonstrated most evidently by our success in drastically reducing investment costs, our proactive approach to being Retail Distribution Review (RDR) ready and our high client retention and referral rate.

The pandemic has brought along a wave of uncertainties, unemployment and financial hardships for many. And those who have most suffered are those who have not received proper guidance and advice to prepare for uncertainties in life, which is an essential part of planning one’s financial affairs. The difficult situation created by the Covid-19 has been a wakeup call for many and the need for proper financial planning has become a must.

VFS International therefore sees a high demand for their services during this economic and financial environment, where people now understand the need to save and plan not only to meet the financial objectives over the long term but also to plan for potential uncertainties that may cause a disruption in their earnings and life in general.

VFS International offers an array of services to best benefit foreign investors and those looking for financial advice in Mauritius.

VFS International Services:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Education Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Personal and Family Protection
  • Estate Planning and Preservation
  • Corporate Benefits tailored to Business Setup and Corporate Policies
  • International Healthcare and Life Insurance 

VFS responds to the unique needs of individuals and families in the varied places in which they live. Our advisers live and work in these places, dealing face-to-face (when safe) with their clients. This highly personal approach isn’t just part of our advisory service, it’s also baked into our charging structure, governance, recruitment policies, training and innovation.

The Benefits include, and are not limited to:

  • Tailored advice and planning
  • 24/7 service 
  • Fair and transparent fees
  • Regular reviews 
  • Customised training
  • Long-term relationships

As part of their service delivery, the organization is required to be close to their clients at all times and to accompany them during good times as well as bad times. They are therefore attentive to their clients’ changing circumstances & needs, and keeping clients updated on their financial affairs remains an important element of advisory best practice. Hence their priority action levers to best meet the clients’ expectations and requirements are:

  • To maintain their independence so that they can provide the best advice best suited to the clients’ specific needs
  • Keep up with the latest developments and innovation in the financial sector, worldwide
  • To keep costs at a minimum for clients
  • To continuously innovate and enhance their services to cater for changing market conditions and hence changing client requirements

With the current difficulty of the market, VFS International have taken various measures in order to best support businesses and client needs. They have innovated in a number of ways to support their clients and the market in general:

  • They have Streamlined their processes, whilst ensuring compliance to regulations, to improve ease of doing business with clients
  • They have found ways and means to improve efficiency and reduce investment costs for clients as a measure to enhance their potential returns during these difficult financial times
  • Together with their partners, VFS International have developed new products and services to adapt to the changing economic situations
  • They now place more emphasis on educating clients on financial products and services which is an important responsibility and vital to their trust in these types of services
  • They have embraced technology to position themselves as a key fintech service provider. Their clients can have access to our state-of-the-art Information Technology platform which provides them with a secure online platform where they can safely monitor their financial affairs 24/7 anywhere in the world.

With Bolt Home Mauritius, a division of Bolt Talent Solutions, having a large community and network across the globe that are looking to live, work, study, invest, retire or set up a business in Mauritius, the partnership with VFS International has allowed for our clients to have ease in their financial planning through the various investment advisory options available. 

If you are interested in setting up a consultation with VFS International, please fill in the form below so that we can best introduce you to our partner.

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Gail Kendall CII (Award)
Mobile: +230 5777 0216
Office: +230 466 3852
Fax: +230 466 3851
10th Floor, Tower 1, NeXTeracom Building, Cybercity Ebene,72201, Mauritius.
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