Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd is a Global recruitment consultancy which offers outsourced business support, expatriate management and migration advisory services which is registered in Mauritius and located at The Business Exchange, Ground Floor, 1 Exchange Square, Ebene, Mauritius. In South Africa, it’s registered address is 150 Rivonia Road Block 4, Morningside, Johannesburg, 2057 and Bolt Talent Solutions LLC located at The United States and it’s registered address is 3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Rd SE #233, Sammamish WA 98075, USA and help clients around the world find the right IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Finance talent.


Given the global nature of our operations, we strive to comply with different data protection laws and regulations across the world such as DPA, GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, POPIA and others which recognises the right to privacy, Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd provides information about how we are processing the personal data that you provide to us. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at [email protected] or via phone on +230 460 6666 if you have any queries regarding the processing of your personal data.


We process personal data of candidates/ or legally authorised persons and also from our employees, candidates, suppliers, contractors, prospective customers and third parties. The personal data processed is mainly the following:

1. Personal Identification Data:

● Full name
● Date of birth
● Gender
● Marital status
● Nationality
● Photograph

2. Contact Details:

● Postal address
● Email address
● Telephone and mobile numbers

3. Education and Qualifications:

● Institutions attended
● Degrees obtained
● Certifications
● Training courses

4. Skills and Expertise:

● Technical skills
● Soft skills
● Languages spoken and proficiency levels

5. References:

● Names
● Contact details
● Relationship to the candidate

6. Professional Details:

● CV or resume, including employment history
● Educational background and qualifications
● Professional skills and certifications
● References and recommendations
● Membership in professional bodies
● Job duties and responsibilities
● Achievements and milestones

7. Job Application and Placement Information:

● Job preferences (e.g., role, location, salary expectations)
● Interview notes and assessments
● Results from skill tests or assessments
● Personality assessment results, if applicable
● Offer details and employment contracts

8. Job Application and Placement Information:

● Cover letters
● Resumes or CVs

9. Other Relevant Data:

● Desired salary
● Availability (e.g., notice period at current job, preferred start dates)
● Job preferences (e.g., type of role)
● Proof of Identification documents (when applicable)

10. Background Check Information (when applicable and with proper consent):

● Criminal record checks
● Verification of qualifications and employment history

11. Financial and Tax-related Information (especially for expatriate management):

● Bank account related documents
● Salary and compensation details
● Tax identification number
● Tax-related documents

12. Documentation for Migration Advisory Services:

● Passport and other identification documents
● Visa, work permit, and other immigration-related documents
● Criminal record checks (where applicable)
● Medical examination reports (for some visa categories)
● Family details (for family or dependent visas)

13. Details Relevant to Outsourced Business Support Services:

● Role or job description
● Work schedules
● Performance reviews and feedback
● Training and development records

14. Communication Information:

● Email correspondence
● Call logs or voice recordings (if calls are recorded)

15. Feedback and Surveys:

● Any feedback provided about the agency’s services
● Responses to surveys or questionnaires

16. Digital Data:

● IP address (when applying online or visiting the agency’s website)
● Login details (for online agency portals)
● Browser and device information
● Cookies and website usage data
● Social media profiles (LinkedIn, for example, if provided or required)

17. Diversity and Inclusion Data (subject to local regulations and usually anonymized):

● Ethnicity
● Disability status

18. Diversity and Inclusion Data (subject to local regulations and usually anonymized):

● Visa status or work permit details
● National identification number (subject to local regulations)


Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd collects information in several ways, including:

● Through our website, including information collected by our cookies;
● Through third parties, such as referees, professionals or authorities that may be
working with Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd or the individuals providing a service;
● Job Portals such as LinkedIn and others.
● Networking Events such as job fairs, seminars, and other networking events where
information from potential candidates.
● Referrals with current candidates or employees might refer to others.
● Social Media platforms where we identify potential candidates based on their online
profiles and activities.
● Headhunting for specialized roles, recruiters might reach out directly to potential
candidates, even if they haven’t applied for a position.


Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd processes personal data to lawfully and legitimately carry out the recruitment activity in the framework of individuals’ consent, but also based on a contractual obligation, individuals’ vital interest when necessary and legitimate interest. Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd collects and processes information for the following purposes:

● To evaluate candidates’ qualifications, skills, and experience against job vacancies.
● To provide recruitment services, including matching candidates with job
opportunities, managing expatriate assignments, or delivering outsourced business
support services
● To conduct initial screenings and shortlist potential candidates.
● To match candidates with suitable job opportunities based on their qualifications,
preferences, and career aspirations.
● To facilitate communication with candidates regarding job opportunities, interviews,
offers, and feedback.
● To provide updates about the recruitment process or other relevant information.
● To verify candidates’ employment history, educational qualifications, and, where
appropriate and lawful, criminal records.
● To contact referees provided by the candidate for professional references.
● To manage and execute employment contracts or terms of engagement when a
candidate is placed with an employer.
● To comply with legal and regulatory requirements, such as reporting obligations,
diversity monitoring, or visa and work permit checks.
● Adhering to employment laws, tax laws, cooperating with regulatory authorities, or
ensuring compliance with migration rules and regulations.
● To obtain feedback from candidates about the recruitment process and make
necessary improvements.
● To analyze the effectiveness of recruitment strategies and campaigns.
● To keep candidates informed about new job opportunities.
● To send newsletters, surveys, or other marketing communications (with the
candidate’s consent).
● To maintain an up-to-date database of candidates, which can be accessed for future
recruitment needs.
● To periodically check in with candidates and update their details or preferences.
● To analyze recruitment trends, success rates, and other metrics.
● To produce reports and insights for internal use or for clients.
● To evaluate a candidate’s skills or competencies through tests, questionnaires, or
● To guide candidates on salary negotiations.
● To provide clients with updates on recruitment progress, metrics, or candidate
● To showcase the agency’s performance and effectiveness.

The personal information may also be communicated to other third parties that may need it to provide a service or when legally required. In this case, personal data will be processed with the same legitimate purposes mentioned herein.


At Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd, we may be lawfully required to share personal information with potential employers or third-party service providers such as software providers, background check companies and cloud service providers. In addition to comply with legal and regulatory bodies such as immigration agencies, tax authorities as well as with referees for reference checks. We will ensure that, where relevant, contractual safeguards are implemented to ensure the protection of individuals’ personal data when disclosing them to a third party, always under restrictions on the use of personal data and obligations with respect to the protection of confidentiality and privacy as well as the security of the information.


The parties to whom we may disclose personal data as above referred may be located in countries that offer the same level of data protection requirements. However, in the case we may need to transfer data to countries with a lower level of protection, we will implement appropriate safeguards to ensure adequate protection of personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Your personal data shall be neither rented nor sold to third parties under any concept.


Personal information will only be retained for as long as necessary, in alignment with our legitimate business interests and in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations unless a longer time is required In cases of disputes or potential legal claims involving candidates, clients, or third parties, data retention might be essential to provide evidence or context.

Once the personal information is no longer useful, required or permitted to be retained for legal or business purposes, it will be destroyed or made anonymous under the corresponding security measures. We commit to retaining personal data only for as long as necessary, in alignment with our legitimate business interests and in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.


Under the different data protection laws and regulations across the world, you have rights regarding the processing of your personal data. These rights are, however, subject to certain exemptions and limitations. You have the right to:

● Be informed, at the time when personal data is collected, about the data processing.
● Access the information we process and how we process it as well as to obtain a copy of
the personal data considering the legal limitations and exceptions;
● Request the correction, destruction or deletion of your personal information;
● Object to the processing of your personal information on reasonable grounds relating
to your particular situation including for purposes of direct marketing by means of
unsolicited electronic communications;
● Not to be subject, under certain circumstances, to a decision which is based solely on
the basis of the automated processing of your personal information intended to
provide a profile about you that may cause effects for you without your intervention;
● Submit a complaint to the Regulator regarding the alleged interference with the
protection of your personal information;
● Institute civil proceedings regarding the alleged interference with the protection of your
personal information;


Notwithstanding the foregoing, you will have the right and possibility to withdraw your consent for any specific purpose granted at any given time without prejudice of the legality of processing according to the consent given before withdrawal.


Bolt Talent Solutions Ltd shall use the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and privacy of the personal data, preventing from unauthorised access or unlawful processing as well as accidental loss, destruction or damage of the files.


We use cookies on our websites to provide enhanced functionality and improve the user experience. A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your computer or mobile phone when you visit certain sites. Cookies enable a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or device and can in some cases be used to identify a particular user, depending on the information they contain or the way in which the device is used. To understand more about the cookies we use and the way you can disable them, you can visit our policy at our websites.


If you are not satisfied with our response, you would like to discuss anything regarding this privacy notice, or you believe we are processing your personal data disregarding the data protection regulations in force, any claim can be sent to our Data Protection Officer by email address at Nabiilah Somally [email protected] or [email protected] or phone number +230 460 6666.


We may need to update this privacy notice periodically so we recommend that you review this information from time to time.

This version was last updated on August 2023

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