Remote Work Opportunities – The Chance to Work Remote in Mauritius

The pandemic has definitely created the need for change in the way in which we work. Working from home, or working remote, has increased substantially with the need for business and work productivity to continue. We have Remote Work Opportunities available, with the opportunity to work remote in Mauritius! 

Bolt Talent Solutions, a digitally advanced global recruitment and HR Advisory organisation with major focus in the FinTech, Financial Services and Information Technology industries; has proudly founded Bolt Home Mauritius, a remote working specialist and expatriate management firm.

At the heart of what we do, is the vision of connecting the right people to the right opportunities, driven by our knowledge of Mauritius being an amazing destination to live, work, study, invest, retire and set up a business. Our aim is to contribute to the development of Mauritius by attracting scarce skills needed on the island, including Mauritian Diaspora as well as all global expatriates.

Connecting expatriates with our established network of multinational partners on the island for collaborative outcomes is our mission. This seamless, turn key service of relocation and expatriate management is achieved through our high touch concierge service, Bolt Home Mauritius mobile APP and digitally advanced applicant tracking system.

With the substantial increase in remote working across the globe, statistics are showing that remote working is here to stay, if not increase even more so, over the next few years. Taking advantage of remote working, one would be able to live and work remotely on the beautiful island whilst keeping their current job or securing a remote opportunity with us, and experiencing the magic of travel and bliss of living on a tropical island.

Statistics have shown that

  • 16% of companies in the world are 100% remote.
  • Better work-life balance is the main reason why people choose to work remotely.
  • 77% of remote workers say they’re more productive when working from home.
  • 85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm.
  • 74% of workers say that having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company.

Looking at a recent article around remote working, The ‘New Normal’ Is Here to Stay, and You Can Use It to Your Advantage by Entrepreneur South Africa, the benefits around working remote has led to increased productivity, decreased turnover and higher satisfaction with regards to work-life balance. The article also highlights the advantages – and taking advantage of remote working as a whole. 

When we look at “taking advantage of remote working”, we consider the advantages of positive impact on work, life, family and others mentioned in the article mentioned BUT we are also looking at how YOU can take advantage of remote working in that you can WORK FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 

The Premium Visa allows for digital nomads to live and work remotely on the island for up to a year, and is renewable. Beneficial for tourists and non-residents is that they don’t have to pay VAT; and when you spend less than 183 days in the country you are also exempt from paying income taxes. The Premium Visa also allows for scoping of the island and whether you would be happy living in Mauritius. An opportunity to “test the waters”.

How do you qualify for the Premium Visa in order to Work Remote in Mauritius?

An application must be submitted online. In order to qualify for the Premium Visa, the applicant must have proof of his/her long stay plans and sufficient travel and health insurance for the initial period of stay. The following criteria should also be met:

  1. applicant should not enter the Mauritius labour market
  2. the main place of business and/or source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius
  3. documentary evidence to support application such as purpose of visit, accommodation etc. and
  4. other basic immigration requirements

Why work remote in Mauritius?

The increase in global interest to live, work, study, invest, set up a business or retire are heavily attributed to the benefits of living in Mauritius; which include, but are not limited to:

  • An extremely safe island – said to be one of Africa’s safest countries
  • An excellent education system 
  • A modern and digitally advanced tech hub 
  • A tax haven – a simple yet attractive tax system
  • Higher standards of living 
  • Secure and reliable investments – Mauritius has been recognised as the leading and fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Increased cities, infrastructure and modern living 
  • Sustainable living
  • Excellent Health Care Systems 
  • Cultural and religious diversity with harmonious living
  • Excellent return on investment, regarding properties
  • Increased property development
Work remote in Mauritius
Work remote in Mauritius

Mauritius has also recently been ranked as the most developed African country. The criteria included the island’s level of Education, fantastic Health Care System, the high standard of living and their advancement in human progress regarding the consideration of Carbon Dioxide emissions. The government and nation is geared towards increasing sustainability, through the development of Smart Cities and sustainable living.

The island is known as an investment hub and with digital transformation and a strong financial industry – FinTech is extremely apparent. The opportunity to grow a fantastic network of digital experts and FinTech gurus is great. Not only is the island a place of opportunity, investment and exposure, it is also an island of beauty and adventure. For thrill seekers, outdoor lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Mauritius is the perfect island to experience it all!

From snorkelling and diving its crystal clear waters with the most beautiful aquatic life, to water sports, to hiking and rock climbing, to bungee jumping and zip lining, to enjoying a beautiful sunset over the glistening waters… It is an island of paradise and an island that offers it all!

The Mauritians themselves are a colourful nation, a cultural melting pot and kaleidoscope to say the least! The friendly nation are extremely welcoming, and one can definitely experience an array of religions, cuisines and cultures.

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Already working remote and interested in living in Mauritius for a year? 

If you are already a digital nomad, and you are looking for your next adventure, we would love to tell you more about Mauritius and the Premium Visa. contact us to set up a meeting!


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