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The Government of Mauritius strongly believes that our dispersed Mauritian Diaspora community is a precious asset to our economy.

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme has been set up with the aim to attract members of the Mauritian Diaspora back to Mauritius to participate in the economic development of the country.

Definition of Mauritian Diaspora

A Mauritian Diaspora member is a citizen of Mauritius holding a valid Mauritian passport, a child or grandchild of that citizen, whether the child or grand-child holds a valid Mauritian passport or not.

The Mauritian Diaspora member should not be a dependent child. A dependent child is defined as the child, including the stepchild or lawfully adopted child, under 24 years of age.

Individuals who do not hold a Mauritian passport but fit into the above definition, are also qualified as Mauritian Diaspora members. The non-holders will be issued with a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) valid for a period of 10 years, renewable.


Any member of the Mauritian Diaspora who, before 24 March 2015, has been living and working outside Mauritius and has the necessary skills, talent and experience and who is willing to return and serve Mauritius, shall be eligible to apply for registration under the Scheme.

A Bolt Home Mauritius consultant will support our clients in determining eligibility and work with them on all application related processes for this scheme.

Criteria and conditions set by the Mauritian Government relate specifically to qualifications, skills, talent, expertise, field of specialism experience, salary or investment.


Income Tax

a) Notwithstanding the Income Tax Act, (a) Subject to sub-item (b), income derived from within or outside Mauritius by a member of the Mauritian Diaspora under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme prescribed under the Investment Promotion Act, during the 10 succeeding income years as from the income year in which he returns to Mauritius.

The exemption in respect of income derived from within Mauritius shall be limited to the specific employment, business, trade, profession or investment for which the member of the Mauritian Diaspora is registered under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme referred to in sub-item (a).

b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), every member registered under the Scheme shall, in respect of an income year, submit to the Director-General, not later than 30 September following that income year, a statement, in such form and manner as may be determined by the Director-General, of his income derived from within and outside Mauritius and where the amount is derived from outside Mauritius, the amount of income remitted therefrom in Mauritius.

Motor Car

Every member registered under the Scheme shall be exempted from the payment of excise duty under the Excise Act of up to a maximum of Rs 2 million on a motor car cleared from a bonded warehouse or imported, provided that the member has not claimed excise duty concession as a returning citizen of Mauritius under item 3 of Part 1A of the First Schedule to the Excise Act.

Personal Belongings

Every member registered under the Scheme shall be exempted from the payment of customs duty under the Customs Tariff Act and value added tax under the Value Added Tax Act on his household and personal effects provided that –

a) the household and personal effects have been purchased abroad and are not intended for sale or transfer;

b) those effects are imported within a period of 6 months from the date of his last arrival or any such period where the Director-General is satisfied that those effects were not imported within that period of 6 months due to any reasonable cause or justification;

c) where those effects do not accompany that person, that person has, on his last arrival to Mauritius, made a written declaration to the Director-General of their intended importation giving full particulars of the effects to be imported;

d) the member has not been granted an exemption under item E9 of Part II of the First Schedule to the Customs Tariff Act.

Registration duty

a) No registration duty under the Registration Duty Act shall be payable by a member registered under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme on a deed witnessing the transfer of a residential property under the Smart City Scheme, or Property Development Scheme, prescribed under the Act, to that member.

b) Subparagraph (a) shall apply only to the first purchase of residential property by the member either under the Smart City Scheme, or Property Development Scheme, prescribed under the Act.

Permenanent Residence

Every member who is a non-citizen (parent or grandparents hold the Mauritian nationality) may, on the application being made, be granted the status of permanent resident in accordance with section 5A of the Immigration Act.

Where a member has been granted the status of permanent resident pursuant to subparagraph (a) –

a) his spouse;

b) his child, stepchild or lawfully adopted child, under the age of 24, of the member or of a person to whom subparagraph (i) applies; and

c) his wholly dependent next of kin of the person, where he is unmarried, provided that the number of dependents does not exceed 3, shall have the status of a permanent resident.

The Application Process

a) The application process to the Diaspora Program is done through an online portal.

b) It is critical that all supporting documents required are submitted via an online portal as per the checklist available on this section of the App.

c) Applicants receive an email to acknowledge receipt of applications along with a reference number of the applicants’ file for tracking purposes.

d) Within 30 days of the date of receipt of the application, a due diligence will be carried out by the Economic Development Board in consultation with stakeholders to process the application;

e) The application will be determined by the Mauritian Diaspora Technical Committee and submitted to the Economic Development Board for approval.

f) Once the application is approved, the applicant will be informed by email.

Issue of the Registration Certificate

Once an application has been approved, the applicant should communicate his/her acceptance of the package of benefits as per the terms and conditions defined in the guidelines.

The Mauritian Diaspora should present the original supporting documents to the Economic Development Board.

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