Relocate to Mauritius

Paradise Island

A relaxing lifestyle

with the rewards of living in an investment hub

Soak in Cultural Diversity

while working remote and growing a global network

Experience Adventure

Embrace the lifestyle you desire

A Balanced Lifestyle

Endless activities outside your door

Live in Harmony with Nature

Embrace an island lifestyle surrounded by beauty

Work Remote on an Island

whilst enjoying the magic of travel

Mauritius is an island of opportunity

The perfect place to live, invest or retire

FinTech and Investment Hub

Ranked the most developed African country

Slow Down

Experience a different pace of life with a balanced lifestyle

An island fit for an adventurer

Explore and travel the island whilst working remote

Mauritius is home

Offering safety and security, growth and potential

Paradise Island

An island of immaculate beauty and investment opportunity

Harmonious Living

Embrace a cultural kaleidescope


Bolt Home Mauritius is an Expatriate Management & Remote Working Specialist Firm.

We offer a full turn-key, one-stop shop, relocation solution by partnering with the right service providers on the island to ensure a seamless experience.

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The Best Expatriate Management Firm in Mauritius!

Bolt Home Mauritius have been nominated for the People's Choice Awards in Mauritius! Members Business Network (Mauritius) brings you the first ever People’s Choice Awards on the island of Mauritius. How incredibly exciting is that? Bolt Home Mauritius has been...

Mauritius Permits – Relocate to Mauritius!

The recently adopted Finance Act offers a number of opportunities for expats to set up home on the island paradise of Mauritius. These opportunities arise from the changes made within the various Mauritius permits needed in order to relocate to the island of...

Relocate to Mauritius – live and work on an island!

Relocating to the island of Mauritius has become increasingly popular, with the number of interested foreign investors flocking to the island! At Bolt Home Mauritius, supporting those who would like to relocate to Mauritius is what we do! Up to date we have received...

Bolt Home Mauritius People's Choice Awards