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“Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.” – Ralph Blum

Over the past 10 months, many of us have learnt to adapt to very new ways of working, studying and even new ways of living. The experiences and lessons learned have allowed for growth & evolution of the way we think, do or act. The changes, big or small, have led to opportunities lost BUT many more opportunities gained.

A new opportunity means a fresh start. It brings with it so many wonderful and exciting possibilities! Mauritius, a spectacular little island nation lying off the eastern coast of Africa, could be exactly what you need for your new beginning. The Premium Visa enables those who have been thinking about relocating to Mauritius, long-term, to kick-start the process.

What is the Premium Visa and what does it allow for?

Whilst the visa does not allow you to take up employment in the Mauritius Labour market, it provides the opportunity for professionals to come with their families and carry out business or work remotely from Mauritius. The main place of business and primary source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius.

Retirees and tourists are also welcome on this visa type.

How much does the Premium Visa cost?

The Premium Visa is free of charge, with no cost for processing or issuance.

Who is able to apply for the Premium Visa?

Non-citizens are able to apply for this VISA, and is necessary for tourists, retirees or remote workers who intend to stay in Mauritius for more than 180 days after arrival. It is the perfect way to “test the waters” in Mauritius if you are thinking about and planning on long-term stay and relocation to Mauritius.

How long is the Premium Visa valid for and is it renewable?

It is valid for ONE year and is renewable.

What do I need in order to qualify for the Premium Visa?

The qualifying criteria is straightforward and will all be facilitated on an online platform. Documentary evidence to support the application are some of the basic requirements. 

Such examples of this include:

  • Purpose of visit
  • Accommodation
  • Proof of long term stay plans
  • Sufficient travel
  • Health insurance

Applicants from countries listed and approved by the Economic Development Board, Mauritius are eligible for the Premium Visa application. 

What is the criteria needed to be met in order to qualify for the Premium Visa?

  1. Applicant should not enter the Mauritius labour market
  2. The main place of business and/or source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius
  3. Documentary evidence to support application such as purpose of visit, accommodation etc.
  4. Other basic immigration requirements.

How do I apply for the Premium Visa and what documentation is required upon application?

Application for the Premium Visa can be done online

According to information shared by the Economic Development Board, Mauritius, you need: 

  1. A valid passport 
  2. Copy of air ticket (including return ticket) 
  3. A passport size photo 
  4. A valid email address 
  5. Travel and health insurance for the period of stay 
  6. Proof of funds (bank statement or bank attestation) to meet the cost of stay in Mauritius (minimum monthly transfer of USD 1500/EUR 1300 as per exchange rate applicable)

How long does it take to approve and validate my application for the Premium Visa?

This takes an estimated 48 hours during the week, and if application takes place over a weekend it is possible that the validation could come through by the next working day (Monday).

How do I get the Premium Visa once my application has been validated and approved? How do I get the Premium Visa once my application has been validated and approved?

Issuance of the Premium Visa is online, and is sent directly to your email address provided.

What are the tax implications?

If a person stays in Mauritius for 183 days or more, they become a tax resident and therefore become liable to tax in Mauritius.

Once my Premium Visa is validated, and I have my departure date, what are the health protocols?

Ensure Travel & Health Insurance coverage for the initial part of your stay.

Provide proof of a negative PCR test administered no more than seven days prior to the departure date of their flight to Mauritius (this must be administered 7 days or less before their flight to Mauritius).

How long is quarantine?

14 days compulsory quarantine upon arrival.

How does quarantine work in Mauritius and how do I book this?

  • The establishment to which you complete your quarantine needs to be an APPROVED establishment
  • Bookings need to be done through the MTPA – Online Reservation Platform (…)
  • There are specific hotels allocated for specific arrival dates

What are the health protocols before and after I land in Mauritius?

  • PCR test on day 0 (the day you land) at the airport. 
  • Tested again on day 7 
  • Test on day 14
  • Medical staff take your temperature twice a day during the quarantine


NEGATIVE – Receive a certificate on your last day stating you tested negative on all three tests before being able to leave. 

POSITIVE – Transferred into the ENT hospital and remain there until you test negative twice in a row.

Please also remember that incoming passengers to Mauritius must download and fill out their Public Health Covid-19 Passenger Health Self-Declaration Form and Passenger Locator Form which must be handed over to the Ministry of Health and Wellness counters upon their arrival.

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