Are you wondering how to occupy yourself during your flight to Mauritius? Hold on, I’ve got a great one! Why don’t you learn Creole words and expressions?

As they say, the best way to have a full experience of a country is to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. Learning some Creole words will come in handy during your trip around the island and help you connect with locals.

Mauritius has a fascinating cultural identity; the sing-song tonalities of the Creole language, with its lexifier being French and accompanied by unique and amusing metaphorical expressions.

Are you ready to learn Creole? Let’s go!

Here are some Useful Creole Words:

[Bon-zoor, ki ma-ni-air]

‘Bonzour, ki manier?’ – Hello, how are you?

‘Alo, ki manier? – Hi, how are you?

[Mow bee-en mair-see]

Mo bien, mersi – I am fine, thank you

Wi – Yes

Non – No


Mersi – Thank you


Siouplé – Please


Sori – Sorry

[Pay-na pro-blèm]

Pena problem – No problem/no worries

[Mow pa kon-pren]

Mo pas kompran – I don’t understand

[Mone pair-dee see-may]

Mone perdi simé – I’ve lost my way

[Pa met pi-mah]

Pa met pima – No chilli please

[Ko-mee-eh lee eh-tay]

Komié li ete – How much is it?

[Kee dair-nier pree oo ka-pav fair]

Ki dernie pri ou kapav fer? – What’s the last price/Can you lower the price?

[Kee biss bee-zen pran poo al …..]

Ki bis bizin pran pou ale ….? – What bus must I take to go to…?

[Mow cause kreh-ol]

Mo koz Kreol – I speak Creole

[Mow kon-tan twa]

Mo kontan twa – I love you

[Kee tow pay fair]

Ki to p fer? – What are you doing?


Kifer? – Why?

[Too ko-reck]

Tou korek? – All’s good?


Taler – Later

[Mah-ry top]

Mari top – Awesome

Introducing Yourself:

[Koo-ma ou a-peh-leh]

Kouma ou apple? – What is your name?

[Mow ah-pell]

Mo apel …… – My name is …..

[Mow sore-tee Sude A-frik]

Mo sorti Sud Afrik – I am from South Africa

Famous Expressions:

[Hey, cass n pause]

Ey, kass ene poz – which literally means ‘break a pause’. 

This favourite expression is used to say ‘Hey, chill out’.

[Pays neh-neh b-war dee-ll-will]

Pez nene bwar diluil – which means pinch your nose and drink oil 

This another favourite expression is used to express the idea of making a really huge effort to do something.

[Tee lee-pee-eh lor gro lee-pee-eh]

Ti lipie lor gro lipie – which literally translates to ‘small foot on big foot’. 

It means to chill and relax.

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