Typical Weekend in Mauritius for a Student

Weekends are now more precious than ever for students to blow off steam and destress from work or university. What can you do on the weekend in Mauritius? 

Despite being a small island of 2,040 km², you can still enjoy an amazing weekend. Even if you are an adventure enthusiast, a party animal socialite, a foodie or a hermit. 


Start off your Saturday morning by a trail to Black River Gorges, located in the South West of Mauritius. The BRG National Park offers lush green rainforests and waterfalls. It’s also home to over 300 different species of plants and animals. The park is accessible from several entrances; for picnics or adventurous trails. 

Tip: If you love adrenaline and are ready to get dirty, plan this trail during the rainy season. The hike down to the waterfall will be muddy and thrilling!  

However, if you prefer the mountains, a hike to Le Morne Brabant is definitely worth it. Le Morne mountain rises up to 550, high and is also found in the South West of the island.

This hike will be one of the best experiences of your life; the scorching sun, the smooth breeze, the varying degrees of difficulty. And as the famous saying goes: Hard work pays off. The spectacular views on the top of the mountain, the different shades of blue and the stunning underwater waterfall will. It will definitely be worth all the hard work. 

Note that Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich and unfortunate history for runaway slaves. The site is protected, so be nature conscious! 

Saturday Night

Typical Saturday nights for the party animals socialite in Mauritius starts with what students call the ‘Before’. The ‘Before’ party generally consists of a light dinner, snacks, drinks and games at someone’s house. 

If you want a chill soirée go to the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene or the Big Willy’s in Tamarin! These pubs/restaurants/nightclubs offer live music, concerts, great food and a nice place to socialise. 

Party animals, you have loads of options. Go to Lakaz in Cascavelle, Insomnia Night Club and Les Enfants Terribles in Grand Baie, to name a few. The list is long for a long night of music, dance, drinking and fun! 

Tip: Due to the zero tolerance laws for Safe Driving in Mauritius, make sure to rent a van or a car with a designated driver if you plan to consume alcoholic drinks. 


Sundays in Mauritius are traditionally known for being the beach days and nothing beats the feeling of the warm sand under your feet. The Pereybere beach in the North of the island is typically referred to as the number one beach for its white sand and clean and azure waters. 

The journey to Pereybere is best enjoyed by a bus trip to the north, wearing your backpack, a cap and sunglasses. There, you can settle under a filao tree, enjoy a ‘Glaçon Râpé’ (A Mauritian sorbet made of shredded ice and different flavoured syrups) and play a beach volley game. 

After a long swim in the cool blue waters and scorching sun, you can enjoy some water activities like kayaking or pedalo from the kiosk at the far end of the beach. Food such as  fried noodles, kebab, fast food, boulettes, is also easily available from the food trucks lounging the beach and coastal roads.

If you want to enjoy a more tranquil beach day, the ‘private’ beach of Pointe d’Esny in the South with its ‘Pathway to Paradise’ entrance is a must! Arm yourself with a beach umbrella, cold drinks and enough sunscreen and enjoy the turquoise waters. For water activities and snorkeling, do visit the Blue Bay Marine Park, found some metres away from Pointe d’Esny. 

Another way to spend your Sundays in Mauritius is boat trip to Iles aux Cerfs, a small island near the East Coast of Mauritius offering luxuriant vegetation and white, pearly sandy beaches. The island also offers a wide range of land and water activities. The catamaran trip to Iles aux Cerfs often comprises drinks, food and a historic visit to Ile aux Fouquets and Grand River South East Waterfall. 

Tip: If you love adrenaline and want more time on Ile aux Cerfs, do make the trip on a highly-rated speed boat. 

How to end this beautiful weekend in Mauritius?

What better wat to end a weekend in Mauritius than with sundowners on the beach! A local spirit, the warm sand under your feet, the setting sun and the right people around you. 

Other Weekend in Mauritius Plans:

  • A road trip down the coasts of Mauritius, passing through the Macondé View Point, La Prairie beach and Chamarel. 
  • A day at La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park for fun outdoor activities such as trails, quad biking, off-road buggy riding, zip-lining, the Nepalese Bridge, etc. 

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