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The Mauritius Government has implemented various schemes which include a number of benefits for foreign investors. The Smart City Scheme was introduced in Mauritius in 2015. This is part of the Property Development Programme which includes a combination of development of property, incorporating commercial, work spaces or office buildings, education centres, medical centres and property,

The Smart City Scheme is based on:

  • Sustainable Living
  • Efficient ways of living
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Innovation and Design
  • Smart Development

” The Government of Mauritius, through the Smart City Scheme, is therefore offering a plethora of opportunities to global investors to share in the vision of Mauritius in creating intelligent, innovative and sustainable cities of tomorrow.The Smart Cities, revolving around the work, life and play concept, incorporate mixed use developments in cosmopolitan conurbations with smart technology and pioneering innovation at their core. The focus is to deliver a happier lifestyle through the development of self-sufficient cities offering integrated sustainable solutions and ensuring minimum wastage and maximum comfort for the long-term benefit of all citizens and the future generations irrespective of social and economic class. 

Dedicated to bringing these ambitious goals to life, the Government of Mauritius has set up the ‘Smart City Scheme’, providing a clearly defined enabling framework and an attractive package of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors. This paves the way for tremendous investment opportunities in a wide array of components in the pioneering urban development. Enterprising visionaries have already presented compelling smart city development projects that complement the scenic spots of the island.

Non-citizens who have a residence permit under IRS/RES will be exempted from an Occupation or Work permit to invest and work in Mauritius.” EDB Mauritius

The Objectives of The Smart City Scheme includes, but is not limited to:

  • The emergence of “Green” in an urban space
  • Developing “Smart”
  • A platform to strengthen the Mauritian economy through various investment and financial benefits
  • The conservation of the environment and nature – living in harmony with nature
  • A way to contribute to social welfare
  • Sustainable living
  • The aim of creating a more balance lifestyle of living, working and enjoying “play” – the adventure seekers lifestyle
  • Encourage business set-up in Mauritius
  • Foreign Investment Attraction
  • Improved quality in infrastructure
  • Decrease in the environmental impact
  • The improvement of mobility and commuting
  • Enablement of ICT (IoT, Cloud Infrastructure, Energy Saving)

The Benefits of the Smart City Scheme – Investing in Mauritius:

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