Mauritius Independence Day

In celebration of Independence Day Mauritius, 12 March 2021, we would like to delve not into the history of the island but rather into celebrating the present. We look into the “why”. Why do you love Mauritius? What makes Mauritius worth celebrating?

Mauritian Independence:

The beautiful island of Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean, has a history and nation worth celebrating. This year, Mauritius will be celebrating their 53rd year of independence. Last year, the theme was based around Harmonious living with Nature as described in the lyrics of the official song of Independence Day Mauritius in 2020. 

Mauritians hold nature with the utmost respect and importance, it is something they hold dearly to their hearts. With the recent events of the Mauritius oil spill and massive cleanup operations, it was extremely apparent how dear this is to the Mauritian Community. In recent news, with Mauritius ranking Africa’s number one most developed country, the importance of nature and the environment was also reiterated with the 3rd factor influencing their ranking being that of Human Progress in Consideration of Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

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The Mauritian Nation is extremely passionate about protecting the environment. The actions that have been taken to protect and manage the environment. Such is the project which has focused on the improvement of air quality in Mauritius. “Phasing out of leaded petrol, importing cleaner diesel, banning chlorofluorocarbons and monitoring vehicular emissions among others are a focus in projects”. – Maurice Ile Durable

Harmony is the word which resonates with us. The warm and inviting nation, the colourful cultural kaleidoscope. The way in which the nation is so diverse and expressive! The Culture of Mauritius is simply… beautiful.

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At a time when things are so uncertain, we need to reflect on the beauty of Mauritius and why we love our country so much. In light of celebrating Independence Day Mauritius this year, although it is a very different and non-physical celebration, basing it on past and present themes we asked Mauritian national Kerishnie Rajcomar to tell us more about why she loves Mauritius.

“Why do I love Mauritius?”

“Mauritius, an unpopular island in the Indian Ocean until some decades ago, is now known and adored by tourists for its ideal climate, coconut trees, picturesque beaches and azure water, perfectly blended multicultural population and exotic cuisine. If you ask me why I love my country, I might list those typical answers but my small island, insignificant on the world map, is so much more…

My Motherland:

I was born and raised in Beau-Bassin, one of the cities of Mauritius. I have been enjoying the long summers and short winters, swimming in the clear waters of the most popular beaches of the island and savouring the famous street food for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I always took for granted the rich heritage and culture of the island, with the idea that the grass is greener elsewhere. But as I grew older, I came to appreciate all the little gifts being offered to me by what I now proudly call, MY MOTHERLAND.

Mosaic of cultures:

Mauritius is the only country where you can find the whole world in one place! A unique mosaic of cultures and ethnicities. Indeed, I find it awe-inspiring that Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Tamils, Atheists and Buddhists have been able to coexist in social harmony for years in an era where cultural segregation thrives. And that is one of the reasons why I love my country.


Mauritius is the sole place where, regardless of your religion and ethnicity, you celebrate Holi, the festival of colours; Christmas, the birth of Christ; Diwali, the festival of lights; Eid ul-Fitr, the festival of breaking the fast; Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, among the many other festivals. In fact, Mauritians are renowned for exalting the universal message of peace, love, inclusion and harmony. And that is why I love my country.


Undoubtedly, Mauritius has so many ‘must-see’ places and attractions to offer but nothing beats the soul of the island: its people. The authentic faces, the warmth of their eyes and smiles, the cheerful “Bonzour! Ki manière?” when you walk down the streets. The Mauritian hospitality is unequalled and is how you will learn the most about the country. Our people will not hesitate to invite you into their loving homes, feed you home-cooked meals and entertain you with the Mauritian sega and unparalleled Mauritian humour. And that is why I love my country.


Living in Mauritius also means that you will encounter our language, the Kreol which binds the different communities together. The Kreol language is often said to be crude and unrefined. But little does one know that our mother tongue was born from slavery and indenture. Making it a language full of suffering and oppression. As of now, the lingua franca is the emblem of the island, typical to Mauritians and the Mauritian music; the sega. A beautiful and rich language coined by our ancestors to express and share their feelings. And that is one more reason why I love my country”. 

Bolt Talent Solutions and Bolt Home Mauritius wishes you a very SAFE Independence Day in Mauritius this year.

Happy Independence Day to all!

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