Relocate to Mauritius – live and work on an island!

Relocating to the island of Mauritius has become increasingly popular, with the number of interested foreign investors flocking to the island! At Bolt Home Mauritius, supporting those who would like to relocate to Mauritius is what we do! Up to date we have received interest in relocating to the island from more than 100 different countries around the world!

Why relocate to Mauritius?

There are many reasons as to why there has been a massive increase in the interest of relocating to Mauritius. Here are 10 reasons why our network want to relocate to Mauritius:

  1. Safety for family
  2. Investment Opportunities
  3. A Brilliant Schooling System
  4. Future Opportunities for your Children and Family
  5. The Island is Absolutely Beautiful
  6. The Rise of Innovation and FinTech
  7. Sustainable Development
  8. Culture
  9. Remote Working Opportunities
  10. The Perfect Place to Retire

These are just 10 of the MANY reasons why to relocate to Mauritius!

What about finding the prefect HOME to live in before you relocate to Mauritius?

Bolt Home Mauritius has partnered with 2Futures, the real estate leader in Mauritius. 2Futures is the number 1 property developer in Mauritius, and has been for the last 10 consecutive years. 

What 2Futures do:

They are a one-stop shop when it comes to luxury property development in Mauritius.

Their services include:

  • Site procurement and zoning approval
  • Project management
  • Project feasibility and structured project financing models
  • Marketing and sales of property developments to local and international investors
  • Architectural and interior design components
  • Building by Mauritius construction crews
  • Development of construction cost management models

What the below video to get more information on how to relocate to Mauritius! We share some awesome information about the island and why this is the perfect place to invest!

Reach out to us at Bolt Home Mauritius to find out more about finding the perfect home before relocating to Mauritius!

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