Why are so many foreigners considering moving to Mauritius to live?

Why are more and more people considering moving to Mauritius lately?

Mauritius has long been regarded as a dream vacation destination for many people who seek hospitality.

It has amazing beaches as well as unparalleled food experiences, all year round.

The common belief that Mauritius is solely a tourist destination is fast changing.

Many offshore companies have realised the possibilities of expanding their networks through Mauritius, now the wealthiest country in Africa.

Good economic stability

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Mauritius has proven to be economically stable, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, due to the impact on Tourism and other key economic sectors.

Private and governmental institutions have worked together to protect and upkeep the country’s economic stability.

Starting a business in Mauritius as a foreigner

Mauritius is known for its ease of doing business and stable governance which creates an excellent business climate.

Mauritius currently ranks 13th in the world and 1st in Africa on the World Bank Doing Business Survey.

Mauritius has consistently bettered its business environment to make it more appealing for foreigners to open or move their businesses to the island.

The Mauritian government initiated the Open Economy strategy which has paid off, with thousands of foreigners moving to Mauritius and successfully setting up businesses.

The availability of a well-educated workforce, a solid legal and regulatory framework and first-world infrastructure have contributed to the economic success of the country.

The World Bank’s Doing Business Survey reported improvements in Mauritius for 8 key indicators namely:

  • Starting a Business
  • Dealing with Construction Permits
  • Getting Electricity
  • Registering Property
  • Paying Taxes
  • Trading across Borders
  • Enforcing Contracts
  • Resolving Insolvency.

Concurrently, this strengthened Mauritius’ position as the most competitive economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Making it the ideal location to set up a business in, considering the encouragement that the Mauritian government is making to ensure a smooth and positive experience.

Excellent education

The Mauritian government is investing considerably in research with the aim of fully developing the technology industry and equipping the residents with the right skill sets to move towards the constant technological disruption.

The population of Mauritius are highly encouraged to acquire the best in class education and that is achieved nationwide through free mandatory educational institutions.

In parallel, many expatriates have relocated to Mauritius and may prefer to have
private education for their children, therefore, state of the art educational institutions have mushroomed across the country to ensure everyone feels included and to allow for students seeking higher education to move to Mauritius and acquire renowned degrees and qualifications.

Island living in Mauritius – a balanced expat lifestyle

Moving to Mauritius allows for individuals to have a balanced lifestyle, that is, the professional world as well as an array of leisure activities to move from the mundane.

Many expatriates enjoy playing golf and networking. Others prefer to go deep-sea diving and fishing or casually meet up friends at a local pub where they can wine and dine as well as enjoy a live band playing.

This represents the paramount importance of having a balanced life and Mauritius is known to
surprise its visitors on either short stays or long stays, the feeling is that of slowing time and living in the moment.

Guillaume Buffard, Business Developer at Azuri Ocean and Golf Village states “that when you look at the world, there are few places that are secure with all the services and facilities of a modern country, a mature regulated financial system, which guarantees your investments and where you can enjoy pleasant weather all year round.

Mauritius is one of the few destinations that ticks almost all the boxes. Unrivalled comfort of living, regardless of your stage of life.

The newly created Premium Visa is just one example of how Mauritius is continuously trying to ease relocation for foreigners.”

Make the most of your dreams by moving to Mauritius. You will experience hospitality, innovation, possibilities and peace of mind.

Bolt Home Mauritius is here to accompany you towards a smooth and enriching transition to Mauritius.

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